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Why I love PTK; a personal story

I remember sitting in the library seeking something... something more to be a part of at school. I searched through the clubs on the city website and saw many different clubs that I could be a part of. The one that stuck out though was Phi Theta Kappa. I had overlooked it in the past because it sounded like a fraternity and wanted nothing to do with that, as I'm more suseptable than others to hazing, but this time I decided I wanted to learn more. I was sad to see that it was "invite only" and wrote the email provided to find out how to get invited. Days passed and then weeks and I never got a response.

One summer day I got the dean's letter stating I made the Dean's List and then there before me lay my invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa! I almost immediately logged onto the website to do a little more research and find out what I would have to do as a member (I had to take a picture of the letter and post to social media, then see the likes pour in first, of course). Before I knew it I was at the first meeting. Since then I have attended almost every one and started to see the same faces around campus. I saw Nacho in the ASG meetings then again at the Honors luncheaon. I met Michael and Janessa then saw them again at the scholarship lunch. I didn't realize that I was stepping into a whole community of scholarly individuals. It wasn't long after when I noticed a trend, those that were active in their clubs were the ones getting the accolades and all the benefits city college has to offer. My time with PTK has greatly influenced my outlook on my educational career (yes career!) and has opened many doors and opportunities that I would never have known about it if it weren't for being directly involved.

I have now submitted to over $80,000 worth of scholarships to try and fund my educational pursuits. Phi Theta Kappa has given me an advantage in those applications because of the volunteer opportunities, leadership opportunities, and extracurricular involvement. Phi Theta Kappa has literally helped me achieve the goals I only dreamed to achieve, but can now say that I'm on my way to accomplishing these goals!

Caleb A. Mertz


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