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We are planning BIG things!

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Decisions are being made, now is a good time to be involved with your chapter.

The chapter officers meet many times outside of the general meetings to begin planning for important things for the chapter. It's difficult to accomplish all of the amazing things our chapter accomplishes within the hour's time allotted for our general meetings. All of the voting happens at the general meetings though, so it's important that all of our members come to our meetings.

What are we planning?

The officers of the Beta Iota Kappa chapter are planning important workshops and fundraising activities for the club this semester. The regional meeting is being held in San Jose this year, March 9-11, and most of us want to go and represent the best chapter of so-Cal. Our fundraising efforts are an important aspect of getting our members and officers to these meetings. Great news! We are working hard to build our fundraising abilities and would love some help. Email if you think you could help us raise some funds for other amazing opportunities, including the possibility of attending the biggest event of them all, the coveted, PTK Catalyst!

In addition to fundraising, we are also working toward hosting our first fellowship event in a little while. We are still brainstorming on what to include with this event and how to ensure we have a big turn out. A quick review of our goal is to interact with other local PTK chapters, and get to know a few of our own members! It's not everyday that we can all get together, so we're trying to make that happen! If you have any ideas or inspiration you would like to share with us email

All of the aforementioned things are all fine and dandy, but what is Beta Iota Kappa (BIK) doing on the campus and for the community? To answer quickly, Honors in Action and the College Project!


Last semester our chapter decided to work on the focus of "Rights and Responsibilities" and how it relates to the world's children. We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but what responsibility do we adults have to teach the future generations how to go about this? How can we positively affect future generations of our youth, taking on the responsibility of ensuring others rights? We learned quite a good amount about Social and Emotional Learning and it's application in the K-12 education system. We learned so much and found out that San Diego Unified school district did not participate in this we set our sights. If you would like to hear more and/or help out email

What are we doing for the college project?

We met with our new President of the college, Ricky Shabazz, and set some hefty goals for our chapter to be a part of. We are still in the early process of planning and goal setting for the ultimate goal of helping to increase the amount of registered students. If you want to learn more keep up with our news and be sure to stay up to date with our regular mailings.


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