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Dedicated to honor an amazing woman who has a big significance in my life.

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

I remember what professor and advisor Elizabeth Meehan told me when I was inducted and presented as the new officer on April 29th, 2016; She said, "you're my new best friend" and indeed I thought, this is the first day that I will have a new best friend at City College. Since then, she has become more than a best friend, she is our lovely, caring, and supporting advisor. She has been struggling together will all of us to keep this amazing honor program alive with tremendous prestige. What makes it more significant is not only her help but her love and care for students. She knows that PTK members get a lot of great benefits through this organization like tremendous scholarships opportunities and because it is highly recognized in all US Universities, it is beneficial for all the members that are transferring. These are some of the reasons that keep her fighting to maintain and enliven PTK at City College.

Furthermore, she has been doing this great service since 2012, donating hours of time a week, which on its own is worth great recognition. When Anne Englehart our then Vice-president, Caleb Mertz our then Secretary and myself decided to nominate her as the best advisor 2017. Our now Vice-president Caleb Mertz helped us to write a beautiful letter for her and none of this would be possible without the help and support of Mr. Marciano Perez our Dean’s of students Affairs and Mrs. Lori Oldham our Supervisor/ Students Affairs Coordinator that together wrote a beautiful recommendation letter on her behalf. To add more to this year full of blessings, Beta Iota Kappa brought home 5 awards which include Five-star chapter recognition at this years "Catalyst" Convention in Kansas City, plus, 1st place for the 2017 Distinguished Chapter Advisor Award, 3rd place in 2017 Distinguished College Project Award, 3rd place for the 2017 Website Award, and I was honored as 3rd place for the 2017 Distinguished Chapter Officer Award.

Before and during our PTK Spring 2018 Convention at San Jose, Ca. I was praying to God to let me see her win the first place and with this I will be more than paid for my two years as president of Phi Theta Kappa Beta Iota Kappa with such love and gratitude to see this beautiful lady get the recognition that she deserves. Thank you professor, advisor and best friend Elizabeth Meehan for such a beautiful heart and work that you have been doing for Beta Iota Kappa and the lives of many students.


Nadia Escobar



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