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What is Honors in Action?


Honors in Action is the process that provides opportunities to apply learning and practice real-world problem-solving by developing an in-depth, action-oriented project related to Honors Study Topic research. Academic research into the themes related to the Honors Study Topic is what makes the difference between Honors in Action and simply action. Honors in Action is informed action designed to make a lasting impact and contribute to the betterment of society. Through engaging in Honors in Action, students develop and demonstrate:

  • awareness of the importance of seeking out multiple perspectives, augment understanding and improve decision-making.

  • abilities to draw research conclusions and develop ideas to make a difference.

  • effective planning and capabilities to initiate action.

  • intentional and purposeful efforts to grow leadership skills.

  • understanding of the need to involve others and work together.

  • capacities to lead and manage self and others to motivate, overcome obstacles, perform in complicated environments and accomplish goals.

  • aptitudes for assessing progress, adjusting to circumstances and measuring results quantitatively and qualitatively.


For more information please click here and view the guide.

  • If you're interested in getting involved with the Honors in Action Project, please contact the SDCITYPTK, advisor Elizabeth Meehan at

Past Study Topic


 2017: "How the World Works: Global Perspectives"

  • Rights and Responsibilities

    • Social and Emotional Learning in the K-12 School system.

How do we address the ever growing grave concerns we have with children? How do we go about making positive change for those that are at risk of doing themselves or others harm?

Beta Iota Kappa recommends instituting evidence-based Social and Emotional learning for the next generation to better understand and work with emotions that arise. Please check out our Blog Post, which happens to be our submitted project.

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