What is C4?

C4 stands for Community College Completion Corps and is dedicated to increasing the number of students that graduate with an associates degree.



This campaign started in April 2010 when six key organizations in higher education signed Democracy’s Colleges Call to Action. The goal of this campaign is to produce 5 million more associates degree and certificate holders. Since then, several Phi Theta Kappa members have committed to the C4 program and have promoted it throughout the states by having students sign a C4 pledge banner and providing resources for students.


Why should I become part of the corps?

  •  More than 70 percent of community college students who transfer to a senior college with an associate degree successfully complete a baccalaureate degree. Those who transfer without the associate degree increase their likelihood of never earning a baccalaureate degree.

  •   Students with associate degrees lose fewer credits, if any, when transferring to senior colleges. In many states, it’s the law!

  •  Students who transfer to public senior colleges without an associate degree are often forced to take additional classes or repeat classes at the senior college at three times the cost of community college tuition.

  • An associates degree can increase lifetime earnings by up to $500,000 and lead to living a healthier life.

  • For more reasons why, click here.


How can I join?

There's two ways of becoming a C4 member:

  1. Beta Iota Kappa will be holding a C4 signing event during rush week.

  2. Go directly to the C4 website by clicking here.